Courses and Seminars

Studio tau

We realize

scheduled courses, for a small number of participants to promote the dialogue with the speakers

in house courses for companies and organizations

on standards and techniques for management of quality, environment, health and safety, using an active methodology that includes application examples whenever possible.  

Our seminars have an introductory character about one specific subject and they are open to a great number of people.

Courses catalog

corsi e seminari

The courses catalog includes those most required by companies; each course can be customized for specific needs and numerous courses are available on topics not listed below.

Courses and seminars – schedule and in house – are organized depending on requests submitted by interested parties; for further information on the courses to catalog, for customized courses and no-cataloged topics contact the Contact desk.


G-01 | Techniques of project management (duration: 2 days)

G-02 | The communication in the company (duration: 1 day)

G-03 | The collaborators’ management (duration: 2 days)

G-04 | The business plan (duration: 1,5 days)


A-02 | The ISO 9001 standard and the quality internal audit  (duration: 2 days)

A-07 | The environmental management system (duration: 1 day)


S-01 | First aid training (duration: 1,5 days)


T-01 | The new quality control: from the ability of trial to the data analysis (duration: 2 days)