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G-01 | Techniques of project management (duration: 2 days)

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This course introduces in a simple way the tools that are necessary to know for managing with effectiveness the realization of a program.

The original didactic approach foresees exercises and tests to verify the learning. The necessary methodologies are illustrated for identifying, defining and keeping track the different management aspects within a program, achieving the expected levels of quality, time and cost. 

The course doesn’t ask for existing technical or management knowledge. Then, it is proper for whoever must cover the role of project manager in the different application contexts.

G-02 | The communication in the company (duration: 1 day)

The course intends to provide tools to improve the interpersonal communication quality inside the company and with customers and suppliers, through a careful listening and an aware use of the tools that we have available. The course is for everyone and it doesn’t ask for specific knowledge.

G-03 | The collaborators’ management (duration: 2 days)

This course intends to help the senior executives to involve, to develop and to motivate their staff. Thus, the course provides the tools to transfer objectives and knowledge in a clear way, to allow sharing, to encourage the development of their employees and to inspire them achieving successful results in terms of performance.

G-04 | The business plan (duration: 1,5 days)

The course illustrates the path needed to prepare a business plan correctly and effectively.

Starting from the business idea and its initial analysis, the participant is driven to articulate the typical footsteps, from the analysis of the reference market to the identification of the resources needed, to their exploitation and the determination of the economic parameters on which to base further decisions.

At the same time, a guide is provided for realizing a suitable report that can clarify to a speaker/investor (direction, a new partner, bank, public corporate body) the situation part of the references and the formulated hypotheses in the elaboration of the business plan.


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