ISO 9001 consultancy

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The ISO 9000 series of standards – dedicated to quality management sistems – dates back to 1987 with the first  issue and – during the time – it had a significant evolution, becoming the most popular ISO standard, also thanks the development of ISO 9001 certification,

These standards are deriveed from previous quality systems sytandards, such as:

– the AQAP series, used in the military field in the NATO member countries
– the BS 5750 standards – developed by the BSI – that have diffused the logic of management systems worldwide.

PDCAThese standards are based on the concept of process; they suggest using the classic management cycle PDCA (Plan – Do – Check – Act) as the model to make the organization evolve.

The present ISO 9001:2015 standard re-organize previous requirements integrating them with new elements, that is risk and opportunity, as well as the context of the organization.

The requirements to be met for certification, involve the identification of:
– management processes, present in all companies and organizations
operational processes, specific for the company situation.

The ISO 9001 consultancy supports the organization to orderly and effectively formalize the rules for its processes; the development and application of a compliant management system helps the organization to better realize its product or service.

The ISO 9001 certification – issued by an accredited body – generally constitutes the completion of this path and is considered an important element of qualification of the organization that achieves it.