EAEU consultancy

Studio tau

The Russian and neighboring markets enjoy an interesting dynamics, with high growth rates and an increasing demand for quality products.
The Russian Federation has signed a customs agreement known as the Customs Union with Bielorussia and Kazakistan, effective from 2010 to regulate the imports while guaranteeing the quality. 

The political push to an integration on the model of the European Union has given therefore origin to a more organic cooperation agreement – which also included Armenia and Kirghisistan – called the Eurasian Economic Union(also known as EAEU, an acronym for the Anglo-Saxon EurAsian Economic Union).

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This new situation basically changes the previous rules for import products; their compliance with the quality and safety requirements goes through an inspection conducted by one of the certification bodies accredited by the Authorities. 

These bodies verify the compliance of the products with the Customs Union Technical Regulations (CU TR), documents basically similar to the European Product Directives.

Studio tau has established direct relationships with such Bodies. Studio tau offers an EAEU consultancy service to support you to achieve the EAC (EurAsian Conformity) Certification of Conformity required for export.

If your company is interested in exporting products to Russia – or in these neighboring markets – contact uswe will be pleased to give you further information and assistance.